• On level -28, open the yellow door on the left side and speak to the dwarf beside the Water Elemental. There's a secret passage to his right.
  • Merchants in this Zone sell 5 Yellow Keys for 600, a Bomb for 400, and if you are not playing Casual Mode, one will purchase your Yellow Keys. Don't sell your Yellow Keys for gold unless you are REALLY desperate.
  • The Altar room on -25 contains for sale: Bomb, Magic Mattock, Scroll of Teleport, Scroll of Height, Golden Key, Water of Life, Wand of Flight, Crystal Ball, Vampire's Fang, Cross, Lucky Coin, and Ring of Antimagic.
  • Occasionally an Elder in this Zone will offer you a choice. He gives three options:
    • 1: ?
    • 2: ?
    • 3: "I have come to destroy the Lamp." You receive a Water of Life.