• Getting the Iron Sword is the top priority in the zone. If it's spawned on a level which is too high, get yourself upgraded first or consider regenerating the Zone using a Soul Stone.
  • 68 AP is enough in this zone (it will kill the Big Bat in one blow), unless you have to fight Rock Elementals.
  • Fight as few zombies as you can before getting the Cross.
  • Merchants in this Zone sell 3 Yellow Keys for 200, a Blue Key for 200, and a Red Key for 800.
  • The Altar room on Level -37 contains for sale Bomb, Magic Mattock, Scroll of Teleport, Scroll of Height, Golden Key, Water of Life, Wand of Flight, Crystal Ball, Vampire's Fang, Lucky Coin, and Ring of Antimagic.
  • On level -35, there is a Dwarf surrounded by lava. You cannot get to him until defeating Morenth on Level -50. Then he will make you either the Fire Sword, which will increase your attack by 160 (if you have collected all of the ingredients), or Mithril Armour, which will increase your defence by 100.
  • The stats of the boss: HP=444, AP=199, DP=66, Gold=144. He is unholy so with the Cross your AP is doubled.