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For details on each boss fight - especially the tricky Zone 4 boss - please see the individual Level Guides.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Don't use the first altar you find on level -45. Every altar is linked in the amount of money they demand, starting at 20g and increasing every time. So the altar on -45 will give you 2 AP, while the altar on -37 will give you 4 AP for the same amount of gold.
  • Occasionally press on the wall, especially if you are stuck without a good way around monsters or without keys. You may find a secret passage! This appears to be most common at dead ends.
  • You will take 0 damage from a monster if your defence is equal to or greater than their attack, OR if your attack is greater than or equal to their defence plus their health.
  • Kill as few monsters in a zone as you can unless you really need the gold. To get the greatest benefit from them, get the Lucky Coin and the Vampire's Fang first, and come back with the Fire Sword. This will get you approximately 30 health from killing a Green Slime.
  • However, collect all the red and blue gems before moving on to the next Zone. These are assigned values by what Zone they're found in, not by what AP/DP you have.


  • On level -6, if you talk to the Merchant before talking to the Rogue, the Rogue's icon will disappear. You can still talk to him by moving to his square, however.
  • On level -35, if you use the Wand of Frost before opening the yellow door, the Dwarf will still talk as if the lava were trapping him.

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