1. School's Out: Finished the tutorial.
  2. Cut Your Teeth: Finished Zone 1 in Story Mode.
  3. Braaaaains!: Finished Zone 2 in Story Mode.
  4. Orcs must die: Finished Zone 3 in Story Mode.
  5. Anti-cheater: Finished Zone 4 in Story Mode.
  6. Highway To Hell: Finished Zone 5 in Story Mode.
  7. A True Hero: Finished Story Mode.
  8. Skeleton Slayer: Defeated the Skeleton King three times.
  9. Vampire Slayer: Defeated the Vampire King three times.
  10. Coward Slayer: Defeated the Dwarf Captain three times.
  11. Spellwringer: Defeated the Illusionist Lord three times.
  12. Demon Slayer: Defeated Zreluhm three times.
  13. Geniebuster: Defeated the Lamp Genie three times.
  14. Traditionalist: Finished Zone 1 without using a Bomb.
  15. Heretic: Finished Zone 2 without the Cross.
  16. Braveheart: Finished Zone 3 facing the Dwarf Captain directly.
  17. Tesla: Finished Zone 4 without the Antimagic Ring.
  18. The Weak Point: Finished Zone 5 without the Fire Sword.
  19. Mortal Hero: Finished Story Mode without dying.
  20. Rogue-like: Finished Story Mode without buying keys.
  21. Penny Pincher: Finished Story Mode without buying anything.
  22. Maze Crawler: Finished Zone 1 in Maze Mode ten times.
  23. Maze Explorer: Finished Zone 2 in Maze Mode ten times.
  24. Maze Champion: Finished Zone 3 in Maze Mode ten times.
  25. Maze Master: Finished Zone 4 in Maze Mode ten times.
  26. A-Maze-Ing: Finished Zone 5 in Maze Mode ten times.
  27. I Know A Shortcut: Found 100 Secret Paths.
  28. Diamond for Burger: Used a Soul Stone to speed up the free key.
  29. Voldemort: Used a Soul Stone to respawn.
  30. Deal With the Devil: Used a Soul Stone to purchase an item.
  31. Soul Dealer: Spent 10 Soul Stones.
  32. Instakill: Killed a non-boss monster with one blow.
  33. Send Someone Better: Killed a boss with one blow.
  34. Flame of the West: Reforged the Fire Sword.
  35. Number of the Beast: Killed 1,000 monsters.
  36. A-Door-Able: Opened 1,000 doors.
  37. Career Gold-Hunter: Picked up 100,000 gold.
  38. Ali Baba: Hoarded 10,000 gold.
  39. Key Maker: Had 18 keys in your keybag.
  40. Speed Knave: Finished Zone 1 in 5 minutes.
  41. Speed Knight: Finished Zone 2 in 10 minutes.
  42. Speed King: Finished Zone 3 in 15 minutes.
  43. Speed Emperor: Finished Zone 4 in 20 minutes.
  44. Speed God: Finished Zone 5 in 25 minutes.
  45. A Key Principle: Bought three Red Keys.
  46. Open-Plan Dungeon: Opened all doors in a zone.
  47. Terminator: Killed all monsters in a zone.
  48. Mega Kill: Killed 10 monsters of the same kind in a row.
  49. God Saves the King: Revived the Dwarf King.